Strictly between us by Jane Fallon

sbuCandice: SPOILER ALERT. Don’t read this post if you are going to read this book, that means you Phil Parker, as I am going to give away the big twist that makes the book so interesting.

This book is the one I was talking about in my last post. I’ve finally finished it now and will be handing over to Phil to read as it is quite clever. Why, well it throws in something you can work out would happen but does it very well.

Tamsin is a successful TV producer with a best friend, Michelle, and a loyal PA called Bea. Tasmin does however have a touch of the Bridget Jones being mid 30s and still single. Michelle is married to Patrick, a charismatic producer for another TV company. Through the grapevine she hears he has a reputation for playing away. Not having enough going on in her own life she decides to stick her nose in and sends faithful Bea off to an awards ceremony to try and honey trap him into giving the game away.

Bea comes back having made a hash of it and when Patrick comes round to confide in Tamsin that he thinks Michelle thinks he is playing away some how they end up snogging.

This puts Tamsin on the spot. She is now sure Patrick isn’t a player as such but he’s just proved otherwise with her. Should she tell Michelle and ruin her marriage and their friendship.

And so you think you know where the story is going. But then Jane starts writing from the point of view of the other players in the book. Well Bea, she is a revelation. The bit that made we smile the most was when she talking about being Tamsin’s dogs body and saying she gets her full fat not skinny lattes (but not telling her ) and then loves to hear her complaining about how she can’t loose weight!

And the honey trap, well that went better than Tamsin thought as Patrick is a player, and Bea is his new beau. The snogging Tamsin, just a ruse to keep her from following him or telling Michelle.

So we follow the story through each person’s view as it twists and turns. The sneaky meet ups in hotels, the drinks with Michelle where Tamsin can’t tell her the truth. It all comes to a head with Patrick and Bea being confronted and Michelle’s world falling apart. Somewhere is this Tamsin manages to hide her part and keep her friend.

This could have turned into a four player story where we don’t like any of the characters. Tamsin is lazy and selfish but only falls for Patrick’s ploys due to alcohol and loneliness. It’s Bea and Patrick you want to hate as they have no problems pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and then complaining and turning on each other when they get found out. Michelle is just soft and wants someone to have babies with.

I thought it was clever and well written with enough twists to make me wonder exactly where we are going and enough plausibility so that I wasn’t thinking that would never happen.   Note to us all, unless you are certain best to keep out of other people’s problems !

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