Being creative with the truth

Candice: We seem to have spent more time away than in our home in the last few weeks.  We’ve been on holiday to Cyprus, a brilliant break for all the family with just the right balance of parent relaxation and baby entertainment.  We’ve also been up to Sheffield for a family wedding and then visiting some friends afterwards.  I’m looking forward to some time at home soon!

When Erin was born we were given a teddy bear by my Brother in Law’s parents.  She wasn’t that interested at first but from around age 1 suddenly ‘Teddy’ became a very important member of the household. Teddy is well-traveled now, he’s been to grandparents, family friends, nursery and our previous holidays to France, Portugal and Cyprus.  So how did we manage to leave him in Sheffield?

He’d been brought in to my friend’s and then abandoned in lieu of Playdoh.  I made sure I picked him up and put him on the kitchen table so we wouldn’t forget him, and then we left in a rush and it wasn’t until we were on the motorway that I remembered!  ‘Argh, we’ve left Teddy’.  Worry then sets in as she is asking for him as she wants a nap in the car and Teddy is  the main things she cuddles to go to sleep.  What do I say?

All parents will know this, get a spare favourite toy. Her teddy is only available once a year part of a christmas offer.  The year after she got him I bought another one, but he isn’t quite the same.  So could I palm off this teddy to cover for the missing one?

So in comes my creative brain.  At bed time that day E was asking for Teddy, so I brought out ‘Eddie’, Teddy’s friend who Teddy had sent to look after her while Teddy was on holiday.  Initially she wasn’t sure but after two days Teddy free she’d think about giving Eddie a cuddle.  She’d look at him and say ‘Teddy is on holiday, Teddy back soon.’ I have to say I did feel a bit bad when I heard her say it!

Last night Teddy was back, courtesy of Royal Mail, and she carried him around for the rest of the night and then to bed.  She was still asking for Eddie though, and I make sure they hugged to say hi.  Fingers crossed this never happens again, but if so ‘Eddie’ is available as the back up plan.


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