Change the schedule to take on the world

npworldAlbert Einstein: Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Phil: Which is why we are making a change to our blog posting schedule for a few weeks.

The truth is that we’ve been plugging away posting on this blog since January 2011. Posts have been good and regular, Candice on Tuesday and me on Thursday. That’s an awful lot of words.

Over this period we’ve completed a book and half written another. There has been a literary festival appearance and many sessions in the audience at other people’s events. We’re quite proud of all this.

But, it’s time to move to the next level. What we can’t report is massive sales.

So, the time previously poured into blogging is being shifted to marketing. La Nolan is in charge of developing A Plan. A big plan.

Of course we won’t be abandoning the blog completely. I’m daft and sentimental enough to keep plugging away. We’ll aim for a posting every Wednesday. That way this doesn’t become one of those dead blogs littering the Internet. More importantly, we’ll need a web presence once The Plan goes into action and it will look better if there aren’t holes in the posting history.

So dear blog reader. Don’t go away, we’ll still be here, just not quite as often. If you miss us, did I mention we’ve written a book?

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