Eat less Spam

SPAMPhil: I’m trying to discuss our new book cover with a designer. All is going well with the design really coming together. Only one thing is causing us problems.

Spam. Or to be precise, Spam filters.

After half a dozen covers had been swapped, suddenly the e-mails stopped.

At first I didn’t think anything of it. The designer isn’t just working on our cover and I assumed that another job had taken precedence. We were both busy and so the lack of progress didn’t get spotted.

Eventually I chased things up and discovered that I’d missed several e-mail’s.  I hadn’t ignored them they’d never arrived.

The new cover was sent over using the WeTransfer service and discussions started again. Until another version was sent and never arrived.

This is now causing a little friction. We’re accidentally the sort of client who is a pain to deal with as the technology is letting us down. Those pesky Spam filters gobble the files which then have to be sent another way. I wouldn’t mind so much except I still see over a hundred Spammy messages a day. Heaven knows what the filters are eating before letting this lot through.

So, today’s handy hint. When collaborating over the web, find a reliable way to swop files. Not e-mail. Candice and I use Dropbox, also a vital part of my proper work as I share files with several different clients using it. No need for filters!


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