Fresh eyes

pubgrubPhil: Last week I mentioned that Candice and I were going to meet up and do some writing, rather than just talk about it. Before we got together, one of the challenges was to re-read our second book to remind us where we are and plot the journey yet to come.

The first shock was that the file name included “30 Dec 2015”. Was it really that long ago that we’d stopped work on it?

Yes it was. Last Christmas we decided to concentrate on launching our first novel and while we did this, other activity ceased.

Not to worry, over three nights I re-read the manuscript from start to finish.

You know what? It’s pretty good.

OK, some of the text is obviously a first draft. The start is particularly lumpy but shouldn’t be difficult to smooth out.

Elsewhere though, the words are already at the stage when I can’t tell who wrote them. That probably means we’ve both had a go at them and the result is much better.

The plot hangs together better than Kate vs The Dirtboffins did at this stage, a tribute to the much greater effort that went into planning before we started writing.

Overall, we were both really pleased with what we found. This thing has potential!

So did we write much? Sadly no. 3 hours, 2 small cakes, 3 delicious chicken strips and a pile of nachos that defeated our combined efforts, all we’d worked through was the marketing plan. Which is brilliant by the way, but will be saved for another blog post.

Those fresh eyes have helped bring back our writing mojo though. We’ve another session in a couple of weeks where words will be laid down!


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