New cover!

Phil: The sharp eyed  will have noticed that we have a shiny new book cover.



Simple – when we started this, we assumed that we were writing chick-lit. Hence, Kari designed us an excellent chick-lit cover. The strong image of a red shoe looks fantastic.

But, with the book out in the wild, we find that many of our most enthusiastic readers are male. And that cover was putting them off. For the moment, we’ve been able to rely on explaining that it’s a funny book, and you’ll be reading it on an e-reader so no-one will see you reading a “girlie” book.

Now we are working on a physical book, this won’t wash. We’re working with Clink Street Publishing for the paper book and have taken the opportunity to work with Hayley, one of their designers on a new look.

Hayley came up with 4 initial ideas, from which we picked one. Then there were many rounds of changes and discussions until we arrived at the version you see above. The tractor tyre tracks were once leaves for a start. She was very patient with us!

We can both see this sitting on the shelves  bookshop. It fits. And it shouldn’t scare the blokes away. Even if they don’t by it themselves, they won’t embarrassed to read it on a sun lounger.

So, if you have even judged a book by its cover,, then let’s hope you like ours.

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