7 reasons a novel is the best Christmas present you can give

wrapped-bookThe festive season is upon us and all through the town, people are scurrying around trying to work out what to give to their nearest and dearest.

Well, worry no more. The answer is simple – give them a novel. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. There is nothing easier to wrap.
  2. Your reader gets hours of pleasure from the gift. No chance of it being broken by lunch time!
  3. Introduce them to a new author they love, and they will be forever grateful.
  4. You get to borrow it back to read yourself, so make sure you buy something you like.
  5. If they donate it to a charity shop it’s natural, not a judgement on your choice.
  6. Books are easy to post and won’t get smashed by trips in airmail.
  7. You get a polite dig in, by handing over something by a terrible celebrity author and saying, “I thought you’d like this.” With a smile.

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