Happy New Year!

Candice: I’ve been totally useless this week, having promised to write a blog post for three days and not got round to it.  So I have finally found 3 minutes today so get in front of a PC to do the writing.

Its been a great Christmas break with a lot of meeting up with people and playing with their children.  E has made lots of new friends, and given me so many ideas for Birthday presents for her I don’t know where to start. Three years ago I was relaxing, having just finished work for my maternity leave, and was preparing for a night out at a local hotel with a five course meal and then a disco, thinking I’d at least 3 weeks before some one joined us. Little did I know that just a few days later I’d be lying in hospital with an extra member of the family.

For those of you who have birthday’s close to Christmas it is always hard on both sides, you are thinking I’ve got all these things all together, and those of us buying are racking our brains trying to come up with something new. I try and fill the gaps from Christmas or get stuff she will want later in the year (not that we don’t buy things for her across the year anyway!).

This year Father Christmas bought her a dolls house as her main present.  She loves it and has spent every day playing with it.  I asked him for one for her and I thought it would be great for her imagination.  And its really worked.  Through the wall in the morning I can hear her talking to the residents and making little stories up.  I get told off if I move any of the furniture or people around! We even have to include them in the story reading at night.

I loved playing dressing up and creating stories as I grew up and I really want her to learn this as she grows.  It has stood me in good stead,  not just for writing but also at work. I like to think I get more out of life because if my creative brain.

So enjoy your new year celebrations (or to those of you who have already celebrated welcome to 2017) and make sure that you take time to be creative at home, at work and with your children in the new year.  Its more important that staying that extra hour at work, as that won’t be something that you can put in your obituary.


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