Getting off our bums and doing something

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Candice: Phil and I met for our customary between Christmas and New Year conflab the other day. There was tea and cake, as always, and we talked about this whole writing malarky.

It’s been a long time since we released a new book and we have been trying to work out how to get out of our slump. Obviously we both still write, him for work and both of us for this blog, but something is stalling the output of the Nolan Parker writing team. Book 3 has been in the works for about three years now but the spark that was once there with the other two doesn’t seem to be driving things forward. The frustrating thing is we are about 3/4s of the way through but we just don’t seem to know how to finish the book. We’ve brain stormed lots of things but nothing gets us to the end. We’ve stalled.

I’ve been talking to someone recently about how to get out of a slump like this and we’ve decided on a new approach based on her ideas. My last post was inspired by that. Just write something!

I really enjoyed writing my little Christmas story so the time has come for us to just get on with some writing. It might not be perfect, the storyline might not fit, we might not get the characters right but at least we will get over our writers block and write something. We’ve been stalled by planning and trying together everything right first time. That didn’t happen with our other books, we just wrote and sorted it all out later.

So from next year Nolan Parker will be show casing Book 3, working title ‘Kate vs Showbiz’ through the blog. We will post what we have already written and then use the blog as our weekly challenge to write the rest of the book – whatever comes to mind. We’d like you to get involved in the writing process, so if we are trying to work out where to go next with Kate and Dave please give us feedback. What would you like our protagonists to do?

We look forward to sharing ‘Showbiz’ with you next year and finishing this exciting new story in the Kate series.

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