The ‘Kate vs’ Series

kate+vs+dirtboffins05Book one in the ‘Kate vs’ Series, a story of a strong female character trying to decide if she can be successful and find love.

Kate vs the Dirtboffins

Kate Smith, a woman with the world at her Jimmy Choo clad feet. Just one more job and she can buy out her business partner to finally be her own boss.

That job? The Horticulture Investigation Agency, a government quango sheltering in a Cambridgeshire backwater. MP Desmond Barrington believes closing this will make his career.

But the scientists don’t want to play ball, starting with a militant researcher dressed as a cabbage taking his protest to the roof. Clambering up to save him ruins Kate’s perfectly picked outfit.

As he plummets on to the arriving MP’s car, Kate thinks that things can’t get any worse. Then a familiar face comes in to view – Dave Thomas, the man she fell in love with at University and now Barrington’s aide. The one who broke her heart.

When potato blight claims another outfit and a rampaging hoard of protestors take over the site, she wonders if she will ever get to her goal, and can love be part of the master plan?

This romantic comedy novel with a strong female lead that will keep you on your toes and make you laugh out loud.

e-book from Amazon here – £1.99

Paperback from Amazon – £7.99

What our readers are saying:

This isn’t my regular genre of literature at all – but I found this an engaging and fun read with a good story arc and engaging characters. Being someone who works in a corporate environment it was interesting to get under the skin of the usually teflon-coated and dreaded management consultants who form the main cast of this tale – indeed, a fashion magazine obsessive hatchet wielder is typically the last kind of character I’d expect to be able to feel a bit of empathy for!

The ‘whodunnit’ element remained a surprise until the reveal, and it’s difficult not to be hugely satisfied with possibly the only book out there to feature a tension-ridden vehicle chase involving… two tractors! There’s plenty of wry amusement in here, particularly for folk who work in offices and observe the different characters and politics at play in such places – but there’s a compelling story too.

I was still rooting for the Dirtboffins, though…


I haven’t read a book in quite a while but I couldn’t put this down!! I read it whilst traveling and it made long journeys so much more enjoyable, such an easy read!! I loved Kate and her wardrobe and my love for the weirdly wonderful scientists grew and grew! I have recommended this to friends and can’t wait for the next one!

With romance, vegetables, Jimmy Choos and a surprising influx of celebrities, this is arguably one of the best horticultural whodunnits you are likely to read. It will grow on you.




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