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Looking at the four walls

Candice: I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road and in hotels recently.  Sometimes for fun, including a lovely break with the hubby the other week, but mainly for work.

I started a new job before Christmas and one of their offices is in Leeds so I am spending a lot of time travelling up and down the M1. Its OK, though I know exactly how long the road works are and I can’t wait until they have finished them.

However, tonight looking at the four walls of the room, I was thinking how I can use this to my advantage.  The team in our KOD books spend their time out and about working with different companies, which means they are on the road and staying in hotel rooms.  So I’m soaking it all in: the poor quality shower, the eating of crab linguine on the bed, the looking for SOMETHING to watch on the TV. I’m hoping I don’t get woken by the sounds of pole dancing from the bar, as Kate is in our first book.

Writers do this all the time, taking a part of what is happening around them and use it for fodder for their next book.  When you are writing, especially full-time, it’s probably something that is on you brain at all times.  You see characters and scenes in everything around you else you’d never have any content for your story.

So I’m going to take this time away from the hubby and the little baby and instead of moping about it, use it as a way to come up with new ideas.

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