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Doctor How?

Candice: I had a jolly day on set on Friday, filming for BBC Doctors.  You know, lunch time drama, 1.40pm Monday – Friday, filmed in Birmingham.  You don’t?

Well to be honest, you wouldn’t be the only one who hasn’t heard of it.  Up North – Shameless, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale; Cardiff – Doctor Who, Casualty; Bristol – Trollied, the Cafe…. Birmingham – Doctors.  It’s a shame for us extra’s based in Brum and for those at BBC Birmingham because they really don’t seem to be giving much to the Midlands.  Up until last year there were a few things filmed locally, Hustle etc.  So I didn’t mind the odd stint on Doctors in between being in something my working friends actually watch.  But now, I have to travel to be in something I might have any chance of people ringing my parents to say “Did I see Candice in…” as happened when I was in Casualty last year. Not that I want to hog the screen or anything but I’m just saying…

However, there is one show I really want to get on and so far have had no luck – Doctor Who.  Really I should have joined the Agency that does extra’s for it years ago but I never timed it right as you can only register once a year.  But now I am, but my requests for a position as second cyborg on the left fall on deaf ears.  I think I have finally worked out why, they think I am a Whovian.  Ie a super fan who is desperate to get on set and play with the Doctor’s tardis (oh er).  But I’m not, it’s just a cool programme and I’d like to say just once I have been on.

However, watching this weeks episode I think I have worked the other reason why (and it’s not because I’m a red head and would clash with the Pond).  They really don’t have any extras on the show.  Unless I’d wanted to play a robot or a dinosaur, this weeks episode had the sum total of five extras.  With over 1000 people on their books, I’m unlikely to get a job I think!

However, I am determined to give it a good go so will back off a bit in my requests and hope that they forget my desperation and give me a go.  Last job I did in Cardiff, the guy I sat next to said, ” I did Doctor Who last week and I’ve only been doing this a month.”  There was a lot of teeth gritting!

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