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Points of reference

Parker and his bossPhil: I was chatting with Candice via the e-mail the other day. Obviously neither of us were exactly engrossed in our work and for reasons that are unimportant at this juncture, the subject revolved around Rolls Royce cars. In a moment of madness, I rashly cast aspersions* on her “lively” driving style:

Camera in back of car. Short trip around town. Voiceover, “If your chauffeur drives like this, adopt the crash position until the car stops.”   😛

and received the reply:

I’m a very good driver” – said in a slightly stilted voice.

Thinking I had just about got away with it but worried in case the tone was that of a hitman about to go to work, I tried for a bit of humour with the reply:

Of course, it IS the 21st Century and we are talking a Rolls Royce so if Thunderbirds are to be believed (it was a documentary right ?) then it should be me in the front.

I’ll get me cap….and say “Very good M’lady”


The response:

Um no – it was from Rain Man 

But I like the idea of M’Lady – please continue using those terms

Is this how team nolanparker will look in a few years ?

You’ve got to be so careful when quoting from films and TV programmes that the person you aim them at gets the reference or it all falls a bit flat. I’ve seen Rain Man and even read the book (both good but book better) but missed the quote by a mile.

Obviously my friend was never a fan of Thunderbirds – hardly surprising I suppose as neither of us was born when the series came out or likely to want to build a Tracey Island when it became fashionable  again in the 1990s. Only nerdy people were into it in the intervening years, which is why only one of us uses the characters as references or drives a long distance to get a look at some of the props…

Anyway kids, todays lesson is match your media references to your audience. If you want me to read your story, skip the TOWIE references. If you want gurls to buy the book, Tom Baker Dr Who quotes are out.

*For comparison, my style behind the wheel is more “Driving Miss Daisy” with Miss Daisy shouting at me to get a move on or the bingo will be over by the time we get there.


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Beer and book festivals

Betty Stoggs BeerPhil: A few posts ago, Ms Nolan commented adversely on my ability to have a drink without feeling poorly the next day. I retorted that it must have been something to do with the quality of the beer, and not my ability to handle it. I don’t think she was convinced.

So, purely in the interests of science, I headed off to the Long Itchington Beer Festival to see who was right. Obviously, I took no pleasure in this, although the pint of “Betty Stoggs” was particularly good, but did it just to prove a point. After all, I can’t be going around having my manhood impuned on the Internet can I ?

You’ll be pleased to know that despite consuming (for the purposes of science as noted earlier) twice as much beer as I had after the book festival, in the morning I felt absolutely fine. Point proved. Nolan – Nah Nah Nahnana.

Talking of the book festival, I opened yesterdays Guardian to see a piece by Deborah Orr recommending a couple of writers. Who should be smiling out from the page ? Only that Rachel Joyce who we saw at the festival.

Rachel Joyce Review in the Guardian



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