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Epic Fail on the Elevator Pitch


Candice:  I’ve recently started a new job and as part of that process I’ve got to tell people all the things that I do/have done.  One of those things is always the Book, how did it come about, who I wrote it with, etc etc.  So then it comes to the important bit, what is it about?

So, I’m sat there last week having this conversation.

“Wow that’s amazing you’ve written a book, what kind of book is it?”

“Chic lit/comedy.”  Some people understand the expression Chic Lit, some don’t.

“Oh ok, what’s it called?”

“Kate vs the Dirtboffins”

“Ah ok, I see, and whats it about?”

“Well its this strong minded woman who runs her own business, has everything she needs, she thinks, until her old flame re-appears.”

“Ok, and…”

“Well she runs a business that goes in and closes down companies, and there are people who investigate vegetables…etc”

That’s when the glazed look appears in their eyes.

Phil and I have had a few discussions about this as we moved our original synopsis from being about the company they are closing down to the love story.  But now we have the love story but it needs more meat about the comedy.  I’m even starting to wonder if the title is right, what is a ‘Dirtboffin’?

So along side writing Book 2 I really want to get this nailed.  By the time we are on Loose Women or chatting about this in the press it’s got to be short, sharp and to the point, but also exciting.  The Book is great, why is it so hard to explain it to people in two sentences?

If we were a big conglomerate we would test this with focus groups and spend lots of money.  But we aren’t, so you dear readers are our focus group.  How would you describe it?

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