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Suffering for your art

P1060954Candice: I’ve been remiss this week and not managed to write the Tuesday post.  I have an excuse, I took a tumble of Friday and managed to end up in A&E. Add on to that a teething baby who kept me up a few nights, this is the first time this week I’ve actually felt human.

How did I managed to plant my face on pavement?  Well I was out running, trying to clear my mind of a few things that were troubling me, and I tripped. The next thing I knew I was picking myself up to start off again, thinking I’d just grazed my hand, when the lady who stopped to look after me said “Um, you aren’t going anywhere.” Is was then she pointed out the rather large gash in my arm and on my knee.

Now, I did feel rather like a tit as I managed to do this on one of the busiest routes into Stratford.  And I had things to do that afternoon so didn’t really want to miss work because of a silly graze.  But when the first aider tells you they can see bone, you think it might be best to go home.

Why was I doing this?  Well it wasn’t related to our book per se, but it was when I was using my thinking time, something we know that regular writers need.  Our interviews with Julia Crouch, Polly Courtney and Daisy Waugh demonstrated they all take a jog round the block when they are trying to clear their brain.  I find swimming or running are good for that (usually), but some times, like Friday, you are so focussed on what is going on in your brain, you actually don’t see what is around you.  Not advisable when you are on a main road with raised grates.

Thinking time is good, tripping not so good so be careful out there.


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Jealous, moi ?

Candice: As you will have seen from Phil’s post, he has finally made it to the big time. Yes, he is a fully published author. How do I know this? Well the other half and I were in Sainsbury’s on Thursday doing the weekly shop. We don’t normally shop there but once in a while one fancies a change, different order of aisles, different products on sale. Oh how boring life becomes as you get older … Anyway, I was wandering around the Gok Wan clothing when a voice says, “Look at this, is this Phil’s?”
I turn round to see some thick magazine being waved at me with PARKER’s GUIDE shouting from the cover.  I replied, “No, it’s just that car thingy.” And proceeded to go back to working out if I needed another pair of burgundy jeans.

Rich continued to flick through and then another call comes across the clothing aisle, “It is his, you know.”  So I dashed back to see young Phil’s face staring out from the inside cover, new glasses and all.  So, yes Philip has really made it – into the magazine section in Sainsbury’s!

However, next time I was in ‘Smith’s I checked out that section, pushing past two bearded men in anoraks who were discussing the ins and outs of the internal combustion engine to find another copy! They did look at me as if I were odd, a bit like when Rich and I visited Phil’s train show the other year, but I wanted to wave it under their nose and say, “This is my mate’s, buy it now!”

So, after all this I’ve not been speaking to him for over a week ’cause I can’t take the:

a. Gloating

b. Smug smile

c. Proffered signed copies

d. General look of a published author

Seriously, I’ve actually be really busy but I think he thinks I’ve fallen out with him…

However, I got my own back on Saturday when I appeared in Casualty.  ‘sticks hand up to nose and waves’   Nur Nur!

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