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What’s the story of this?

Flint Arrow HeadPhil: The photo shows a flint arrow head that I was presented with recently.

It dates from 3000BC.

This makes it 5000 year old. Five Thousand!

As I handle it, I can’t begin the grasp this. It’s an unimaginable time. This tiny item 3.5cm long, has survived pretty much everything we know in history. Civilisations have risen and fallen while this carefully shaped bit of stone has been buried in the ground.

I feel I want to tell its story, but I don’t know where to start.

If I tried, I’m sure the result would involve a stereotype cave man, probably called Ug because as far as I know. cavemen didn’t give themselves names. He (I’m assuming he but don’t see why this must be the case) would spend the days carefully chipping away at bits of flint to make weapons. Looking at the workmanship, he must have been highly skilled. The point would probably still pierce skin if fired on an arrow at close quarters.

What else would the story involve? How did cavemen live? What did they do day-to-day?

I realise as I handle the arrowhead that while it might provide a physical link through history, it’s far too big a story for me to tell. Sometimes you just have to sit and wonder.

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