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How to write Chick Lit – Part 1

Chick-lit and L PlatesCandice:  Apparently Phil and I have written a chick lit book.  Well, this the genre we have decided to put ourselves in to as nobody seems to understand the style we have actually written.  So, a few weeks ago Phil informed me that he needed to do some research into our genre.  It’s a good job we hadn’t written “Mommy Porn” else I would have been worried what his research involved!

Anyway, he looked to me to supply the chick lit.  Don’t know why it was assumed I would have some….  but actually I happen to have a few hanging around at home.

I do read quite alot, in fact I’m about to finish another book and need to pop to the second hand book shop in Stratford for something new.  However, I don’t keep my books, I am recycler. They either go to members of the family or back to the book shop.  In fact, one of my main forms of book exchange is with my sister, who has now said she’s buying a Kindle!  Argh!

Anyway, I have a few hanging around that were only 50p each.  So I rifled through the collection and picked two that were different styles and authors for him to try out.  As you can already see he’s read ‘Cat’ and given that the thumbs up.  That was my ‘It’s chick lit but it’s got a bit more meat to it’ book.  The other one he is due to review soon.

But, sit me down in a book store and ask me to pick examples of Chick lit and you would be drowning.  I’ve read a few over the years and that is what inspired my aspiration to have a female lead in my book who is a stronger person, as some of the characters I want to kill.  I hated the ‘Shopaholic’ series as she’s so ditsy, though I thought the film was good. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourites as she does chick lit with a twist.  Her latest book ‘Time of my Life’ is on my list – though ‘A Place called here‘ was my favourite.

Anyway, where does one start with such a breadth of ideas.  I suppose with the pile of discarded books at home, those that I have whipped through so fast and the left ready for the next lunch break trip into town.

So, Phil, how did the second book go down?

Oh yes, and you can borrow Fifty Shades when you’ve finished that one……..


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