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Cup Cake week day 1 – Cherry Bakewell

Phil: I received an excited e-mail from Candice this morning saying “It’s national cupcake week. We have to do something with that !” As ever, she has proved to be at the cutting edge of confectionary news. It is, and you can even visit the website and download some bunting – I shall be wearing nothing else.

But what to do ? I mean this is a week of great importance to the country. Never mind your royal weddings, this is a week devoted to the celebration of something great. Cakes  !

Anyway, as regular blog readers will know, we both love cake so this seems to good an opportuinity to miss. Therefore, every day this week, you can look forward to a picture of a cake and some tenuous link to our book. Don’t worry, we’ll do the dangerous work of eating them for you. You just stare at the screen and try not to lick it, or at least not while your boss is looking.

Today’s cake is a cherry bakewell.

This as standard a cake as you get. Some pastry around the edge, nice filling that’s not too sweet, a dash of jam for excitement and then sickly sweet icing on top. Crowned with a cherry, it is a cake that almost everyone can enjoy at any time. Can you ask more than that ?

In the world of literature it is a proper commercial pot-boiler. If Agatha Christie had written a cake, this is what she’s have produced. It’s not something that the culinary elite will like, in fact they will look down their noses at it and head for something featuring raw fish and cat sick because it’s the latest clever thing to be liking. Real people though, will buy it by the ton and enjoy every one.

The cherry bakewell is thus the cake equivalent of The Mousetrap. Goes on forever, always makes people happy.

And that’s very much what we think we have written. It’s not high-brow, we just want to make lots of people happy.


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