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It’s a numbers game

Candice: Phil got very excited the other day.  He sent me over some new words and a new total – 25,000.  Now we’ve obviously set ourselves a target of the first draft of the book  by the end of June.  This was always optimistic but we both need a deadline else we’d just swim around for ages with lots of ideas (that’s not an area we have an issue with) but not actually put pen to paper and still be talking about writing book 2 now.  The thought of the first book being out there soon (we hope) is also a great motivator.  FYI – if you want to find out more about online publishing with some great help see Dandylion Publishing.

So I had chance to read through his new words the other day, all together now in one document so we can easily see we have a story on the way.  But I finished it and went, hang on a minute, there is more than this.  I mentioned to Phil and he’d got so excited when the word count got to 25,000 he’d not actually checked if there was more.  I told him to stop short changing us.

Checking back on everything in our drop box I estimate there are an additional 1,500 words in there.  Not much but enough to push us closer to 30,000.

So why I am I so obsessed with numbers.  Well I’m not really, the book will be finished when it is finished, and I think this one is going to be longer than 80,000 as we have a much better plan and structure than last time.  But having that number attached to it makes you feel much better. We’ve written nearly a third of it, and we are within touching distance of 40,000. ie half way.

So, as I do like these deadlines I’m going to pitch for 40,000 words by the end of June.  I’m away for a week during that time so I can have a go at writing in between sessions on the sun lounger/chasing toddler around.

Are you up for it Phil?

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Candice: Yes it’s almost that time of year again, where people start to put on silly hats and jumpers, hand out cards and then get stupidly pissed with their work colleagues.

I’ve had my first round of Christmas parties today with my new department’s Christmas Lunch.  It was a more subdued affair with some nice chat round a table for the seven of us, a small glass of wine and then all disappearing off to our respective homes (with a quick drop into House of Fraser for me)

Friday night is the big shindig, with a black and gold theme and an opportunity for people to get absolutely hammered with drinking games (according to Dave who I sat opposite on Friday).  He was suggesting I joined in, but my current 7am wake up calls plus terrible hangovers didn’t really make me feel that his table would be where I was on Friday.

Christmas parties are great ice breakers for someone new to a company I’ve found over the years.  Or a way to find a whole new group of useful people over the punch, ‘Ah you work in legal do you?’  That’s why when I wanted to create a big final scene in our book, I made it the work’s Christmas Party.  It opens with something that I can still picture, even though I wrote it 3 years ago.  Imagine, smoke wafting across the scene and four people back-lit as they walk forward, like super heroes coming out of the fog – well that’s how our KOD chums enter the HIA Christmas party.  It all goes down hill from there considering they’ve just spent the last few months closing the company down.

We spent some time with our publishers on Saturday and one of the things they want us to prune is a part of this big scene, but Phil and I were reluctant.  However, on explanation we now think we can see why, and are going to have a go at cutting some of the fat from it, to make it a lean, mean, fighting machine!

Now I just need to work out what I am going to wear on Friday… sorry Phil no writing until after that!

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