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Is it June already?

Phil: How did it become June already?

I’m sure someone has nicked about three months of this year because I’m sure I missed them somewhere along the line…

Looking at the files for Book 3, I see that we’ve not added anything to it since April. That’s pretty poor. Admittedly, we have ideas on a side project that has taken up quite a bit of brain space, but sadly, real life has taken over for both of us and priorities change.

Are we beating ourselves up about it? No.

For a start there is cake. Yummy cake. We still meet up planning to think book and end up chatting instead.

Then we’ve come to the conclusion that writing should be fun. Proper writers describe it as a dreadfully painful exercise, but you know what, that sounds rubbish. Hours of moaning and agony to produce a “worthy” book that people might aspire to read, but never actually bother.

No – the books are to be a dream. We will make progress, but generally when we are enjoying it. This means getting our heads around the idea that we aren’t likely to become best-selling authors, but as the chances of this are very slim unless one of us becomes famous, we might as well accept it and just enjoy the ride. More than can be said of me when I ended up on a child’s spinning teacup roundabout half an hour after eating one of the slices in the photo.

Anyway, I suppose it’s also worth looking back to see how my new years’ resolutions are going.

Do less work – Well, I am getting more efficient at doing work. I’ve figured out that I’m more productive on the computer in the afternoon and evenings, so the non-typing parts of my work are fitted into the morning, something that seems to be working well.

Promise less – Still rubbish at this.

Go out for more walks – This is a bit hit and miss. Some days I hit my “Move Minutes” target on an app on my phone, sometimes not.

Read more books – Big tick. I’ve read a lot of books, but still not fast enough to keep up with the numbers heading my way.

Read fewer magazines, or at least only those that I need to – I’ve stopped taking a few periodicals and buying less of others. I think this is working.

Sleep more – Can’t say this is much different. Maybe a little better, but sometimes much worse.

Basically, 5/10, must try harder all round.

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Dreaming for ideas

Candice: I’ve been dreaming a lot recently.  I’m a regular dreamer, but when I’ve got things on my plate: work, house sale etc my mind goes a bit mad and creates lots of exciting scenarios when I sleep, often to my detriment as I don’t get a good night’s sleep.

Anyway, over the weekend I had such a vivid dream that it woke me up at 3am with a start.  It was scary in some way, as in that time between being half asleep and fully awake I was lying there thinking I can’t move, ‘It’ will get me. After I fell asleep again I had another totally different dream.  However, the frustration in this is that I can’t remember either of them very well, and I am sure they were really good source material for stories.  Damn!

I have read that people who are creative have pads or dictaphones by their bed, so when they wake up like this they can scribble it down or record it and then go back to sleep safe in the knowledge that they have another corker for the writing pot.  However, I don’t think I could do that as I like my sleep and need a solid eight hours to make me feel like I’ve had a good night’s sleep.  Actually fully waking up to write something down would just mean I’d struggle to go back to sleep and when you have to get up for work in the morning that doesn’t help!

Phil and I have a writing session planned for today, and I am adamant that there will be tea and cake, but there will also be writing.  We were going to work in the local library but it’s shut for a refurb so we are now meeting in a hotel reception and pretending to have a business meeting so we can scribble away. I’m going to try to bring back the memory of one of these dreams, or the others I have been having recently, and see if I can capture it.

If you see two people with laptops, iPods and pots of tea next to them next time you go to a hotel reception, you’ll know who it is.  Just don’t tell them we are blagging their electricity and WIFI in return for a quiet space!


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