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Planning our story – one cupcake at a time

M&M CupcakeCandice: Having just come from a long discussion with Phil about where to next, thought it was about time I updated you on what the team of nolan parker are doing at the moment.

Being between contracts is a bonus as it allows for sugar fueled discussions in the new coffee shop in Solihull – Fallen Angel.  The trouble is, throw in a few pots of tea and a rather nice chocolate cupcake, plus our ability to talk about anything and everything, it takes up about three hours to get round to the point of the discussion – how we get this bloody thing published. 

So here’s the plan of action:  I am currently going though all 80,000 words checking spelling and grammar before we take the big step to print some copies and hand them to friends.  Why?  So they can sanity check the book for us and make sure it all makes sense.  We are both far to close to it all to see if it’s funny outside of our own warped sense of humours!

Alongside this hours of research have been done to find out how one gets a book published.  It seems that a synopsis and covering letter are the way forward, but what constitutes a good ones of these is an unknown quantity.  Phil is on the case working out how to write that gripping piece that will move us from aspiring writers to the next JK Rowling (fingers crossed).

Red CupcakeWe’ve set a deadline to get the first letter issued, else we’ll be here for years trying to get it right.  So by the end of next week a chunky brown envelope will be winging its way down to an agent of choice and then it will be a waiting game.  Reading about this, it could take years to get us nowhere but at some point we have to try.

However, all of this cake and tea has given us a sugar and caffeine rush which means we now have ideas for books two, three and four, plus some spin offs.  Better not get any full-time work soon else we’ll never get all these written!

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