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Stepping away from the norm

Farah Fawcett

Candice: There are things a foot in my world at the moment.  Nothing I can go in to in detail in the blog world but things may be changing in the world of work over the next few months.

To be honest its kinda messing with my head, making me tired and in need of a break.

So last Friday I stepped away from the world of marketing and put my other head on by being an SA (Supporting Artist or Extra to those not in the know) on a new BBC drama called ‘Danny and the Human Zoo’.  Set in the 1970’s the story is based on Lenny Henry’s real life experiences of being a black comedian in the era where was still unusual to have famous black people.

So I spent a day in a theatre in Coventry applauding things that weren’t there and laughing hysterically over and over again.  The day lasted for 12 hrs and I got paid a lot less than I usually do, but as always it was good fun.

The first part was having my hair and make up done.  When you do present day work you don’t often get this, they just say ‘wear what you are wearing’ but when you have a historic piece they do a lot to make it look right.  There were 55 of us being primped and preened for a scene that will probably last 3 minutes. Once I’d been tonged within an inched of my life with a Farah Fawcett Flick then it was off to pretend to be watching the show.

You spend a lot of time sitting around as an extra, and it means you often end up having random conversations with people that start and end depending on if you get called to set.  The majority of people on this shoot were full time extras so they all had stories of what they had been on.  I met a lady who had a regular role as a member of Unit on Doctor Who and a chap who is in the next Star Wars film.  Coventry seemed like a bit of a let down for them ! But when you talk to people like that, and then spend a day where the most important thing is remembering your seat number it does help you put things in perspective.

I have a busy job trying to make people buy things, and spend a lot of time in meetings discussing the ins and outs of things that would seem trivial to any one else.  So spending a day like this just helps to put things in context.  Hey, I’m not a heart surgeon and the world doesn’t end if we don’t get one more customer. It helped me have some perspective on what is going on which I am trying to hold on to this week !


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