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Write while you remember

Post ItPhil: Two months!

It’s been two whole months since we sat down and planned Book 2. Since then we’ve had Christmas and New Year and all sorts of other really wild stuff. Now I find myself sitting down to turn the pile of Post-It notes in to a proper list of scenes in a whacking great spreadsheet that we can work from, and struggling to figure out what we were thinking when they were written.

Obviously I’m not a complete blank, the basic plot is rattling around the back of my head. Some notes though are throwing me. Candice has written that she likes the film Titanic for example.

Really? I can’t see that being her sort of flick. More to the point, why do I care, other than worrying about my friend’s taste in movies, in context of the book?

I’m sure there is a good reason for this but even more sure that if I’d done this job 60 days ago, it would have been a whole lot easier…

Moral: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You’ll probably have forgotten what it was if you do!


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