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I have been unfaithful

Phil: It’s true. I have been messing around behind our main books back with another story. A dirty, dirty but oh so thrilling one.

It’s not my fault of course. It never is. I blame the pressure of work.

OK, I’ll come clean. Sometimes my job requires nothing more of me than I stand in a foyer making sure that people don’t trash the building. Handing them parking fine avoidance car-passes and explaining how you fill them in to those unable to read and comprehend the simple instructions written on the front. The shifts are 10 hours long and if everything is going well, not too taxing mentally. My feet might hurt but my brain can atrophy.

So it was that my mind wandered a bit and started to assemble some ideas into a story. I didn’t want to do this. It just sort of happened. Then I thought some more and fleshed out the words into a decent plot. Before darkness had fallen I had even got the first chapter pretty much sorted out in my head. It was nasty, violent and yet there was a little frisson at the thought of it.

The next day fortune provided me with an afternoon sat in front of a computer. Like most writers, once I have an idea in my head, there are only two ways to clear it out. Once involves a Black & Decker drill which is messy and painful. The other is to write it down. How familiar this sounds. In the early days of Kate vs The Dirtboffins, both Candice and I felt the same about this story. Now it has been released on the page, perhaps we have become overly familiar and so my mind decided to find a new tale. One very different to the old one.

A couple of hours keyboard-bashing saw the new story started and my mind cleared. I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Probably nothing. Maybe I’ll introduce the new words to Nolan. Maybe I’ll read them again in a week and think they were rubbish. Dunno.

With my mind cleared and having had a little dalliance elsewhere I find myself with renewed interest in my old flame. I now see it in a slightly different light. Time to reacquaint myself and see if we can pep things up and add a little spice…

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