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What does a General Election mean?

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Candice: Things are hotting up in the UK (in more ways than one) in the UK as the parties are starting their door knocking and leafleting to try and get us all engaged in who will run the country for the next five years.

I’ve already mentioned the impact it had on Phil and I the last time this happened. Working for the Government in any guise in the UK is always interesting, Phil mentioned the fact he used to get every bank holiday Tuesday off, I did too when I worked for Birmingham City Council.  But there are may things that are different in Government, and it can mean a very secure job or one that throws a curve ball every five years as the main government changes.  This can also happen when you have local elections too – you are less likely to lose your job but you have the potential to have a new boss who has a completely different idea about how they want you to work.  When I was at the City Council we had a leader for Leisure, Sport and Culture, who always had an idea of what marketing really was and they were always the expert!

But during this time it was always quiet on the work front.  You are not allowed to influence voters during this time, apart from the leafleting etc else the current government would be dropping income tax for 6 weeks to get everyone to vote for them.  It’s known as purdah.

So Phil would have been doing some very low-level website polishing and I would have been filing and sorting my purchase orders five years ago before we heard about D-day.  BORING!

At this time we didn’t even know we would be the amazing writing partnership we are now ‘cough’ so god knows what we did do in this time.  Worked from home alot!

My ex-colleagues are Birmingham are still reeling from the cuts from the last election so lets hope that its time for them to slow things down a bit after this one so we can all relax and get on with moving forward.  Obviously, Phil and I are still writing in the past at the moment so if things change we’ll have to change KOD too, at the moment they rely on the government for contracts to close places down.  We’ll have to write in the general election to see if they have some work in the future!

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And relax….

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Candice: I hope that you are all relaxing and enjoying the Easter break.  In the UK most of us get Friday and Monday off as bank holidays and its time to relax, spend time with family, and catch up but without any of the pressure that comes with buying presents at christmas.

So I’ve done some gardening (before the non-stop rain arrived), done a big food shop and been to the gym so its time to sit down and find out what James Bond film is on and get a glass of wine on the go.

But there is also something else big going on in the UK.  They have announced the date for the next general election, five years since the last. Five years ago Phil and I would have also been relaxing this weekend as, Easter was over the same weekend, without really knowing what was going to hit us in the next few weeks.  Coming back from Easter Gordon Brown dissolved Parliament and then called for a General Election.  At the time we were minding our own business ticking over at a Labour set up Quango designed to promote technology in Education.  We’d already worked out that we had a similar  sense of humour and if I was in the office I’d try and sit near Phil, but little did we realise what was coming next.

So on our return from Easter all hell broke loose as new government potentially meant no job.  This didn’t bother Phil and I quite so much as we were only contractors and at some point wouldn’t have a job full stop, but for the rest of the staff who had been ticking over this would mean the end of the world.

So on May 6th there were a lot of people watching the TV screens in the office when the announcement was made.  An audible gasp came when it was discovered it was a hung Parliament and that they didn’t know who would be in power.  More time to have to wait and see what would happen next…

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