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A little bit of exercise does you good

house07Candice: I went to body combat last night. It’s part of my usual routine, though at the moment I have ramped up my gym activity as there is a holiday looming so the bikini calls. Also I feel like I am finally coming out of the winter low, it’s not got hot yet (well not for longer than a day) but it’s lovely and light in the morning which makes me feel better when I have to get up at stupid o’clock to go to London.

So there was I punching and kicking to my hearts content but also thinking about what I need to do.  There is a scene in our book where Kate is giving it some on the cross trainer as she has had a bad day. I didn’t have a bad day really but just focused on what I needed to get done in this 4 day week before the lovely long weekend.

So I was planning my outfit for today, smart but sensible as I am on the tube. Thinking about what we might be able to get done this weekend as the epic redecorating of the back bedroom is a moving along again (old house means you always find more problems when you peel back the wallpaper). Planning what we are going to do with the little person to keep her entertained. So that was probably why I didn’t always get the routines first time !

I know Phil has mentioned he is struggling to get to the gym. At the moment I am not, I’m struggling to find time to do other stuff around my gym attendance. Thank god I’m not trying a to train for a half marathon again this year !

But I do find it worth while. An hour working out helps to clear the brain and sort out problems, and somewhere in there there might be a germ of an idea for a story.

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New Year’s Resolutions…?

Candice: I am writing this post much later than planned on the night of the 4th January as today has been busy.  It’s my daughter’s second birthday today, a day of running around taking her to the local Butterfly farm and to see the grand parents as well as trying to catch up before returning to work tomorrow.

I’ve not been off over the whole Christmas period, I did one day in the office, however that was nearly a week ago so the whole thought of working seems like a long way away. I’ve been making sure that my pass and work bag is ready to go in the morning as groggy will not describe how I feel!

So, I’m a bit late on the resolutions discussions but it’s probably because I’ve never really bothered with them.  I don’t see the point of setting yourself up for something that you are unlikely to achieve especially when this is not a good time of year to do anything new anyway – its too dark and cold.   I’ll be doing my usual of fighting off the new people at the gym for the next few weeks as they all decide to get fit and loose that extra weight.  Well I can tell you it takes more than a few combat classes, even with all the exercise I do I could always do to loose a few pounds.

  • Dry January – not worth it, I don’t drink enough
  • Lay off chocolate – likelihood of this happening close to nil
  • Go to the gym – already do it
  • Achieve something special – did I mentioned our book was published in December?

So, I set my self goals across the year to keep having something to aim for.  I have decided I need a fitness goal for the next few months as I need that extra push, but am not sure it is going to be a half marathon this year. The thing is I can’t find anything shorter, but longer than a 10km.  Book – well I managed to squeeze in 2000 words over christmas so we have hit the 50,000 mark.  That means expanding what we have and a few more holes to be filled and we will be there.  Deadline – summer holiday books.

And what else?  More me time I think.  I’m not sure how with an adventurous two year old but for both of us we need some space so we need to find a way to achieve it.

How about you, readers?

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