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We all love a recommendation

Candice:  I’ve just come back from a very messy girl’s weekend in Brussels.  Why Brussels, well that was the only other place we could get to on the Eurostar as the organiser had already been to Paris.  It was actually great fun and I’d definitely go again to see a bit more of the sights and a bit less of the beer and bars.  I’ve still got a headache now!

But, when I mentioned I was going to Phil the other week he said he’d circled Brussels a few times when on a road trip (I daren’t ask) and had seen this place that he’d wanted to go to but couldn’t.  It was called Atomium.  Well, I sent it to the organiser as as suggestion and left it there.

On Sunday, hangover in full flow, the group of us toddled off to check it out.  I’d literally had a quick look on the website and didn’t really know what I was looking for.  Well there is was, this bonkers building that looked a bit like a molecule. I wasnt really sure what it was about but I’d had it recommended, so I had to take a look.  It was actually quite interesting and I ended up spending an hour there on my own as the girls went off to see some paintings instead.

We all love some advice to make the most of our trips, well I certainly do.  If I can find out some local tips it makes for a more interesting trip and often puts you on track to find things you wouldn’t find.  You can say the same about books. Recommended reads always come highly in my ‘must read’ pile as it helps you to make a decision, especially if they come from someone who’s opinion you trust.  I trust my friend’s opinion of books or films much more than a critic as they often have a different criteria.

These days you can get recommendations on anything – holidays, music, products and they are always good to have.  But if in doubt, trust a friend.

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Beer and book festivals

Betty Stoggs BeerPhil: A few posts ago, Ms Nolan commented adversely on my ability to have a drink without feeling poorly the next day. I retorted that it must have been something to do with the quality of the beer, and not my ability to handle it. I don’t think she was convinced.

So, purely in the interests of science, I headed off to the Long Itchington Beer Festival to see who was right. Obviously, I took no pleasure in this, although the pint of “Betty Stoggs” was particularly good, but did it just to prove a point. After all, I can’t be going around having my manhood impuned on the Internet can I ?

You’ll be pleased to know that despite consuming (for the purposes of science as noted earlier) twice as much beer as I had after the book festival, in the morning I felt absolutely fine. Point proved. Nolan – Nah Nah Nahnana.

Talking of the book festival, I opened yesterdays Guardian to see a piece by Deborah Orr recommending a couple of writers. Who should be smiling out from the page ? Only that Rachel Joyce who we saw at the festival.

Rachel Joyce Review in the Guardian



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