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A good use of time?

bigcakesCandice: During my convalesce last week I had one thing on my mind, getting some writing done while I had the time.  Of course I was also meant to be recovering from an operation so I need to make sure that was quite high up on the agenda.

It helped that, though not very mobile, I didn’t have too many after effects from the anesthetic so spent time moving between sofa and computer and not bed, as well as having my daily constitutional walk.

Phil and I managed a session on Thursday where three hours were spent discussing ideas and scoffing some rather substantial cakes. They came from a new pub that has opened not far from my house, which specializes in carvery and cake.  Yes these items are true size in the picture.  I have to say my Bakewell was lovely, though I needed the full three hours to get through it.

So, I’d already written some stuff before the meet and had a look at our timeline.  Though we’d plotted stuff out before with post its etc, we hadn’t gone back to review.  As is often the case the ideas are there or there abouts but when you come to write them they don’t follow the route you originally had in mind.  So it was a good opportunity to go back and say – ‘where does that fit?’ or ‘actually I don’t think that character would do that’.  What I found was we had holes, where we jumped from one major scene to another without the connection between the two.  So rather than writing a lot of new content, I did some connecting, with some short scenes that made it all make more sense.

By the time we got the pub I had a better idea of where we wanted to go and where the end might appear.

So came to the brainstorm and I realised how different things were this time round.  Book 1 was a free flow of ideas that eventually came together as a story.  This book is a lot more structured, but we also know our characters so well that when Phil would suggest a plot line I would argue that ‘so and so’ wouldn’t do that.  I was quite vocal in my opinion!

It took three hours and the cake to smooth over the rough edges, bash out the ideas and actually get to a point where we really are close to getting it all together.  Off the back of the meet I wrote another chapter but Phil has the big project… the ending.  We know almost exactly how this is going to work, but now he just has to write it.

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