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The joy of being published

The Dead Dog DayPhil: I’m not quite sure how I ended up following Jackie Kabler on Twitter. Probably something to do with her having appeared on Midlands Today, my local BBC news service and home to much more interesting presenters than the national news. Remind me to tell you the story about how I shared a canteen with Nick Owen years ago…

Anyway, I’m browsing the Twitterspehere and spot a tweet along the lines of “I’ve got a book deal!”.

This is followed over the next few months by lots more Tweets conveying the excitement of the whole process through edits and re-writes.

The Dead Dog Day is set in a TV newsroom with lead character Cora Baxter being a breakfast TV reporter. If anyone wants an object lesson in writing what you know, here it is.

Regular readers of this blog will now expect me to go off on one about people from the telly getting published when the rest of us struggle, but not this time. It might be years spent as a journalist, but Jackie brilliantly manages to express the excitement any of us wannabe authors would feel to see our words in print.

Truth is, none of us really think we are going to be as rich as Rowling with any book deal, although we wouldn’t mind, we just want to share the story that fell out of our heads. It’s not about the money, the dream is a book with our name on it. Maybe an appearance at a literary festival and some mild PR work but basically, to be in a position where lots of people want to know about a world that existed exclusively in our imaginations until someone else decided they loved it as much as we do.

What I love is seeing someone so giddy with pleasure at making it into print. Admittedly, I’d like the someones to be me and Candice, but that’s only a matter of time. For the moment, it’s fun to enjoy the highs (get deal) and lows (got to write the sequels to a deadline) vicariously.

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