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Kindle or weight-lifting? The perils of author ego.

Phil: On my reading pile at the moment are Still Me by Jojo Moyes and Make a Killing on Kindle by a shouty American.

Both are good reads and neither has accompanied me on a train, my favourite place to read. Why not?

Because both are stupidly heavy. 1.7kg in total.

Now, I love a proper book as opposed to an e-reader, but looking at these things makes me wonder if I need to change my mind. In electronic form, these would be lighter than a feather. I’d be able to take them anywhere. Reading could be enjoyed wherever I have a few minutes.

Instead, the Kindle book has been sitting around since Candice gave it to me at Christmas. I’m up to chapter 8. It’s not that it’s bad (a bit shouty perhaps) but A4 sized and weighing as much as a large cat, I’m just not willing to lug the thing around.

Still Me was read in 4 chunks at home – the story is engaging enough to make me want to charge through it, but I’d still have rather read it on the train. I’ve passed the book on to the Nolan having warned her to bring a big bag. It’s a good job she’s a bit of a gym bunny.

Why are these things so massive?

The American I understand. It’s all bigger and better from him.

The novel? Publishers or authors ego. “Look at me”, the book shouts from the shelf in the supermarket, “I’m a really luxurious product.” In this day and age, there’s no need for hardbacks. The words would be the same in paper covers. I’m assuming it’s a combination of prestige and I suspect, profitability driving this.

Publisher – please think of your readers! I can’t be the only one put off reading because of the weight of the book, can I?

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Me before you by JoJo Moyes

Front CoverCandice: When Phil and I met up the other week he gave me two books to read.  One is the follow up to a book I started and didn’t finish, he said I should give it a go. That one is still on my bedside table.  The other was ‘Me before you’ by JoJo Moyes. He did warn me before I read it that it might get me into trouble, and reading the back of it I could see what he meant.

So, I had a long train journey to Leeds ahead of me later that week so I thought I’d crack the book open to occupy the time.  Well 2hrs there and 2hrs back and I’d read over 200 pages.  By the end of the weekend the book was finished.

I think I liked it.

The premise of the book is a young woman who is just breezing through her life without much purpose.  She has a comfortable job in the small town coffee shop, a comfortable long-standing boyfriend and nothing to really challenge her. Then she loses her job and falls into one looking after a quadriplegic man.  Will Taynor was your typical high-flying city type until he was more concerned with his blackberry than crossing the road.  A motorbike changes all that and Will ends up paralysed from the neck down.

The interaction with Will and Louisa could be corny and predictable, and even though the romantic outcome is exactly as you would expect, the book kept me involved.  I wanted to know how Louisa got into Will’s heart, I wanted to know he survived when he got pneumonia.  I can’t tell you why this book hooked me as much as it did but I couldn’t put it down.

In fact, I knew the big ending was coming and I left the last 20 pages when my eyes were drooping on Saturday night and finished it in bed on Sunday morning.  The other half didn’t spot me sniffing and the tears rolling down my cheeks at the time.

Checking out the book on the internet I find out that it is being made into a film (predictably) and that a sequel is coming, how that can be considering the story line I don’t know.

I won’t give any more of the story away but well done JoJo you really wrote something that got me hooked.


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