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Getting your facts right

Liseuse de microfiches Micron 355Phil: I performed a little bit of research for my old job a couple of months ago. Proper research involving a trip to the library to look at books and even use the microfiche machine to view old newspapers. Just like people used to do in the old days.

After a happy couple of hours I returned to the office with some scribbled notes and terrible quality printouts. An hour later the early history of the theatre was ready to go off to the framers and be part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations. I managed to distill the early days into an accurate and hopefully slightly humorous page that you could read and enjoy despite the effects of any free wine you may have consumed. Better still, there was enough material left out to give me the basis of a short article for the local history society.

People tend to forget libraries but the resources found within the walls are often not to be found with a quick Google. Sometimes you gotta do the leg work.

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