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Playing with your technology

Candice: I’ve been a Blackberry advocate for years and up  until recently I had both a work Blackberry and a personal one.  I really liked two things about these two items: the keyboard and the ‘bounceability’ – ie I can drop it and is still works.

I’ve been reticent to change to a touch screen phone as a few years ago I had an LG Cookie and it had a habit of ringing people when it was in my bag.  The final nail in the coffin was when it rang my sister while I was having a conversation about her to one of my friends, a good conversation mind, but still not necessarily something I wanted her to hear.

But I finally gave in the other week as I had to upgrade at the end of my contract and plumped for a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4.

Now this blog isn’t a plug for phones, but its all about that little problem we all have, putting them down!  Since I got my new toy, it has been just that, a new toy.  As I try and work out how to work the ruddy thing I have become addicted with checking updates on it.  Its got all kind of whizzy things that you can do and I can finally read my emails and do social media without needing a magnify glass.  But I do problems with it being distracting.  With all these new things I can do on it its too tempting to be checking my emails, surfing for new shoes, tweeting etc, when I should be doing something else.  So I’ve turned my notifications off and am trying to wean myself off the new toy. If I’m not careful I am going to turn into the kids I weave around when I walk to work in the morning who are so focused on their phones they don’t see me.

The downside is, even with the fancy cover I’ve bought for it, I still worry that I am going to break it, and it doesn’t fit in my back pocket as neatly as my Blackberry but in other ways its great.

I have even been using it for a bit of writing.  Phil and I are having our on going discussions and I’m away this week so am having some time to ponder ideas.  But I think with my new phone I can write up some words without causing myself RSI.

I still don’t like the predictive, I’ve made some strange posts and sent some weird texts since I got it but otherwise its been a good time to move on.


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