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The first apostle by James Becker

Candice: I’ve been rather busy recently with work and house moves, so haven’t had chance to get down to a good read. I was working my way through Pip a few weeks ago, but gave up on it cause I knew what was coming.

Since then I have been reading the Sunday times magazine and that’s about all I have managed between reading homebuyers reports and solicitors letters.

So last week I popped in to the old faithful charity shop in Stratford and picked up three options. The first was ‘The First Apostle’ which sounded very Dan Brown esq in style and therefore my cup of tea.

Well I have to say it was a very good choice. Unlike Dan’s novels you didn’t have to suspend your disbelief too much to understand how these characters got themselves and in out of scrapes.

The story is of a British woman getting accidentally killed in her holiday home in Italy. Her husband’s best friend is rebellious police officer who gets roped in to find out why this has happened.

It relates to a carving found in the house walls that the Mafia and the Vatican both want to get hold of. The carving holds the key to the beginnings of Christianity, a story that no one wants to get out.

The main character gets his wife involved, helpfully she’s a historian, and off they go on their merry way.

The pace keeps things flowing, and tension mounts but there are not so many of the silly parts where they manage to escape by the skin of their teeth, hard to believe when it happens too many times.

I really enjoyed the book, it kept me distracted from the wood panelling in the lounge for a few more days ! Hopefully the other two I’ve picked up will be just as good.

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Turning points?

Candice: As promised, I said I would blog about the birthday…  I have never really had a problem with my age, it ain’t nothing but a number, as they say.  Around the 30 point I had abit of a moment, everyone was getting married, I didnt really like my job.  So I booked myself a three week holiday to Australia to visit friends and escape.  This time around its abit different, I have a lovely husband, nice house etc… but it’s still time to sit back and have a think about where I expected to be at 40.  I’ll tell you what’s nice, the number of people who have said I don’t look 40, and I’ve not paid them to say it.  And I certainly didn’t feel it when I was throwing shapes on the dance floor on Sunday.  We have friends who have been 40 recently or have it coming up and are shying away from the concept, but I think you should really go for it as, as my parents card says, you are only 40 once!

I’ve got some lovely presents and cards (thanks Neil and Phil) – I like unusual ones ie my inlaws have bought me a framed print plus actual film cells from Grease,  Richard bought me a weekend in Rome (though I did drop some very unsubtle hints for this), and my family and friends have bought me a Mulberry handbag (well it’s still in the shop but vouchers towards). Phil got me some “calorie free” cakes, I don’t know if that’s a comment on my waistline, you can see them in the picture.  One is a money box that says “holiday fund”, but to pay for the next holiday I think I’m going to need a bigger cake than that!

But, with all this talk about it just being a number, I went to the gym on Wednesday and on the treadmill you have to put in your time, weight and age.  Typing ’40’ was hard.  Just had to run a bit harder for a bit longer to make up for it!

So back to the reviewing of where you are moment.  Phil and I had a deep conversation the other week about the book, and the fact it hasn’t really moved for a year. So now is the time to stop with the talking and start with the writing again.  We are currently looking at writing courses and short story competitions to give us a deadline to work to, as it seems neither of us are good at moving it along on our own.

Plan for year 41 – get something published that is not on word press!

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