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Not strictly in the right order…

Candice:  In my spare time I like to do some drama alongside my usual marketing stuff.  So last week I had a lucky break in having two days work on a well known BBC drama.  Off I toddled to Bristol for two very long days – 5am starts and 10pm finishes – to film a funeral scene.  It did help that catering is provided – including this rather stonking chocolate fudge cake.

Now you may or may not know that life in TV and film does not work in strict order.  I turn up on Tuesday and find myself doing the Wake of the funeral, Thursday was to be the funeral itself.  Now this is quite a common occurrence as it is all dependent on actors availability, whether its day or night filming, availability of location etc.  So there we are supping Kaliber and fruit juice, AKA beer and red wine, watching a big punch up.  Then off we went to the cemetery on Thursday to watch the burial before we’d actually been through the service.  It must get very confusing for all involved, no wonder they keep referring to their scripts.

  But, apart from you being  interested in what life’s like as an extra, what has this got to do with the book, you cry?  Well, we kind of worked in the same way.  Initially the writing was all about whatever popped into your head at that particular time with no real structure.  But then it all had to be strung together, I worked out that Kate was wearing the same clothes on the wrong days and we needed to work a path though it all.  In in filming world this would be continuity and editing. 

Obviously, with my penchant for throwing myself infront of a camera, we would like the book to put on celluloid at some point in the future.  But its all about the publishing deal first!


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