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Scared of the night sky

Phil: Last week, the BBC was exhorting us all to go outside at night and watch the Perseid meteor shower. Every bulleton banged on about it. Even the weather presenters were basing their forecasts on the chances of cloud cover that might block our view of the spectacular event.

I’m always interested in this sort of thing. The Northern Lights are on my list of sights to be seen, somewhat lower on the list than “my book on the shelves at Waterstones with the word bestseller above it” but still on the list.

However, I’m scared of the Perseids and it’s all John Wyndham’s fault.

His novel, The Day of the Triffids, starts with an amazing night time display, resulting in most of the population going blind. Then they are killed by Triffids.

Day of the Triffids is a story I only really know from the 1981 BBC TV serial with it’s terrfying theme tune. Watching this as a kid, I was well spooked and having recently seen a couple of episodes re-run, despite the aged production values, it more than stands the test of time.

The book is on another list marked “Classic books I really should read one day”. If I’m honest, the list is driven by film and television rather than great literary quality. Logan’s Run is there as were the James Bond novels. Gulliver’s Travels and War and Peace aren’t any more as I have tried to read them and bored myself stupid.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I bet everyone has books they want to read one day. It’s just that others get in the way.

As for the meteors – I gathered my courage and stared at the night sky. I saw nothing. Despite a lack of cloud and little light pollution, there were no shooting stars.

I did wonder if the rhubarb was rustling ominously though.


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