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Book vs Film – Fight!

Candice: Phil and I had an off-line conversation after his last post about ‘World War Z‘ as I had written a post about it awhile ago when I saw the film. Apparently book trumps film in this world.

Now, as an author I should really agree on this as I think reading is great for many reasons.  It uses the brain, it helps you develop your own world and makes you creative, it is a great way to occupy the time.  However, sometimes its just nice to disappear into some real trash of a film and switch the mind off.

Saturday night I was home alone so watched ‘RED’.  It was a piece of terrible rubbish based on a DC comics idea of old CIA Agents coming back from retirement.  Starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren it went from predictable scene to predictable scene for 2 hours.  However, I loved it, mainly because I like those actors and partly because I was tired and needed to wind down.  If I’d been reading a book I would have managed 20 minutes and then ended up falling asleep.

But, on my bedside table I have a thriller  I’m working my through.  It’s by Linwood Barclay and the story is of a guy whose wife is killed in a car accident and after her death lots of things come out that don’t seem to reflect what he knew of her.  I’m only half way through as I only manage that 20 mins before bed but its good and I want to read more to know how it finishes.  But part of me likes the fact it is going to take me awhile to get to the end, rather than having it all in one hit like watching a movie.

I’m hoping to go to the cinema this week as I haven’t been for ages.  That is my ultimate film watching experience, as you can’t beat sitting in a darkened room with a big screen.  My ultimate reading venue; a sun lounger by the sea (with a cocktail!)

So, what do you think – book or film?

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Has everyone got the same idea?

World War Z poster.jpg

Candice: I went to the cinema the other week to see the new Brad Pitt movie, World War Z.  Now I’m not really a Brad fan, I’m more into George Clooney myself, and when Brad has long hair – forget it!  But my cinema buddy suggested a trip, so I thought I’d give it ago. However, Zombies in 3D was not part of my Friday night viewing plan!

Anyway, I’m not writing a review of the film, just the plot.  It seems there are common threads running around the psyche of writers at the moment, both novelists and screen writers: the idea of over population.  I can see why, we have been talking about global warming for years, we no longer have a real nuclear threat or cold war, so what do we make the bad guy these days?  Well, actually its us, the human race, as we are killing the world we live on by filling it with too many people.

Inferno, the Dan Brown book, was all about a mad man who thought that letting a virus into the world that would sterilise us all would help with this issue.  A few would be exempt and they would be able to continue the world’s population.

World War Z also has a virus but the suggestion is mother nature is generating it to get rid of the majority of us and start again.

It’s not just in 2013, if you go back to 2006 there was a rather good film called ‘Children of Men’ about women being infertile and the first pregnant woman being protected. And of course, WWZ is based on a 2006 book.

I watched episodes of two different TV programs last week – ‘Body of Proof‘ and ‘Bones‘ where in both cases, a virus had infected a member of the team and if the team didn’t identify it they would die.

I suppose we all get our ideas from what is going on in the news.  I when I say we, us lowly unpublished writers as well as those getting paid big bucks.  So these common ideas are bound to come out.  But is this why different ideas struggle to break through?  There are two White House disaster movies out this year, plus lots of sequels coming out.  If you go to the book shop or even Amazon, it’s all about ‘If you like this, you might also like.’  Recommendations are great, but we would never have had the Beatles if someone hadn’t picked up on their style and said I’ll go with that.

So people, please be a bit more receptive to other ideas and not just the run of the mill.  Else, we will be just churning out the same stuff over and over again!

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