Yet another holiday.

Candice: As Phil is at regular pains to mention – I like my holidays.  So, I’ve just returned from another week reclining on a sunlounger in Corfu.  I would certainly recommend the place, though it is abit quiet out of season.

Anyway, the holidays always give me an opportunity to get some serious reading done, as the most I have to do each day is decide whether to tan the front or the back.  Thus I managed to get through the following:  Life’s a Beach by Lucy Diamond (made up name?), The Reversal by Michael Connelly, The Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp and The Raw Shark Texts by Stephen Hall.  Did I mention I like to read – alot! Actually, you’d think that my hubby and I never spoke looking at that list but I did manage to pass the odd word between chapters.

Seriously, I’m the kind of reader that immerses myself in a book such that I some time forget where I am.  Has been true since I was little, hence why my parents bought a sculpture of a lady walking along reading a book and christened it after me. I like to do that, and books are one of the main places you can, even more than the cinema these days as they can be full of people texting and calling during the film.

The above selection managed this at different levels.  The Connelly I whipped through in a day and a half, easy to read and I dont really remember much of the story, but engrossing while I was doing it.  The Diamond was forgettable and abit annoying, I’m finding that more with Chick Lit, perhaps that is why it is dying??? However, the main character inherited a beach cafe in Cornwall and ended up living a life I would like to – waking up each morning to the roar of the waves.

The Karp was good, abit different from the usual Detective novel and I’ll be looking out for more of his.

And then we come to the Hall.  Ok so its got abit of a bonkers title.  I’ve just found out its actually meant to be a play on “Rorschach Tests” ie ink blots.  Its a book a friend of mine bought me a few years ago, I started it, couldnt get into it, and then left it.  However, I thought a holiday would be a perfect opportunity.  And I did get in to it, and then some.  Compared to all the ones above it took longer to read because it’s actually a complicated premise.  So much so, that when I read it for the longest time, on the plane home, I had to stop as it was giving me a headache!  I wont give the whole game away but its about a guy who loses his memory because his ideas are becoming real and being eaten by a conceptual shark.  Ok, so dont give up on it after that, but can you imagine what the “elevator” pitch must have been like to get it published!

Having done some web research, unsurprisingly, there are forums all about this book and some hidden texts on the web for readers to find out more about the story.  And its be optioned to be made into a film, god knows how.  Anyway, my post holiday recommendation is this – give it a go!

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