When good writing matters.

SPAMPhil: A mysterious e-mail arrives:

I have read your blog and impressed with your post. I am also a writer and have written many articles on various topics.I have recently made articles which are quite informative and totally relevant to its theme. I want to publish link (just only link not whole article) of my articles on your blogs site, kindly place the link of any suitable article on your blog. In return i will place your blogs site on my site. Select any article which you think is the most suitable for your domain.  

Waiting for your reply.  

Hmmmm. First off, I don’t know which blog is being refered to. The fact that the sender and recipient e-mail address have been fiddled to be the same doesn’t help and might make a cynical person suspicious. As I run four blogs, maybe the links should be from the model making one ? Would a link to a post about kids outfits be useful from this ? Anyway, which post ? I’ve written over 2000 and each one is bloody brilliant. Be specific as well as impressed.

The main thing that annoys the heck out of me is the poor quality of the writing itself. “I have recently made articles”. MADE articles ? You mean WRITTEN SOME article don’t you ? I mean, this isn’t selling me on the idea of pointing my hard-earned readers at your content is it ? Whilst I sometimes consider grammar to be my mother of my father, I like to think I’m doing better than this. I know that I is a capital letter anyway.

As for “just only link not whole article” – or “please give me free traffic” – give me a break. You want to nick my readers but I mustn’t pinch your “original” content ‘cos otherwise they won’t see your adverts.

Were I a teacher, I’d mark this effort “D- Must try harder”. If you are going to try to con me, at least get someone to write the stuff properly. Nolanparker SPAMwriters are available for a very reasonable fee!


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3 responses to “When good writing matters.

  1. Beware of spammers…I’ve got some amazing ones too. Good for a laugh.

  2. I have yet to receive a correctly spelt or natural sounding spam message. I have a hunch: spammers are actually really good people. They deliberately introduce errors into their spam emails. That way, people with common sense are alerted to their spammy nature. Other people, who think it’s perfectly acceptable to write something like “this mesage is from ur bank, ur acount has been acesed, clikc here so we can take al ur money”, give their personal details to the spammer who then arrange a hit squad from the Plain English Campaign to go round and deal with them.

    Not sure the nature of the punishment though. Kneecapping, or being forced to read Dan Brown novels?

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