Future Talent?

Future Talent logoCandice: I’ve been doing my customary search of the web looking for juicy things to pass on to you, lovely audience, and I came across this really good article on BBC Future Talent.  Based around other activity happening Birmingham as part of Radio1Xtra activity there are workshops around how to write and develop, with a bias towards online webisodes.

‘Great’, thinks I, ‘Lets get down to these and see whats what.  But there I get stopped in my tracks, unfortunately they were LAST WEEK!  Balls is my response to that, as there was some juicy stuff there and it was all on our doorstep.

However, part of the point of all this activity is to promote a competition they are running, which closes in March 2015.

“Bring your ideas to life and write, produce, perform, direct and edit your very own pilot webisode.”

The prize, the potential to have your own series.

Now, Phil and I have always said we are writing a novel, but we have been told before that our ideas are very ‘filmographic’ (made up word!) ie they work well as pictures.  A lot of our inspiration comes from TV and Film, and obviously I have designs on having my only ever speaking part in the film of our books (abit like Stan Lee’s cameos in Spiderman) but we are not working towards  a script. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t, or even work up one of our other ideas into something.

I have no camera-holding filming experience, but I do know how to make one.  In fact one of the last things I did in my old job was to talk about storyboarding a pop video.  Hum, perhaps its time to rope in some friends and a digital camera and see what we can do…

Check out the BBC Future Talent Storify page here.

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