Has the world moved on?

Vampire Academy

Candice : As with most things in life us humans are fickle creatures.  One year we all love ‘Sex and the city’ which spawns a load of copy cats, then its ‘Bridget jones’ style female dramas. Note these are both based on books or written medium.

Well the one that really took off a few years ago was Vampires. The Twilight Saga spawned a range of films, TV shows and even music styles around the idea.  Vampires being glamorous is not a new story but this many makes you wonder if there are any out there (and if they don’t need sleep can they do the night feed for me..).  But as we all of things they fade.  My sister and I read all the Twilight books, though by book 4 I was struggling.  And with the films we only saw the first half of the two made from the last book…boring.
Well it seems the bottom may have dropped out of this market too as the BBC reports that ‘Vampire Academy’ the newly released film base on a series of books (which sound like Vampire plus Hogwarts) “Teen film Vampire Academy opened poorly in seventh place with a first weekend tally of $4.1m (£2.5m).”  What has beaten this film at the top spot… ‘The Lego movie’  anyone any idea what that is about?


  1. Books do work as bases for films – you bring with you a guaranteed audience
  2. Depending on how you bend the story it can impact on your reviews and word of mouth – removing characters or heavily changed storylines do not please the punters
  3. Get in early – don’t wait five years to add your book or film to the pot as you’ll be lagging behind on the income stakes (and you’ll only get one made)
  4. Film in NZ with Peter Jackson and you can do whatever you please
  5. Use plastic characters voiced by Will Ferrell

I am opting, when we get to that point of filming, for moving our book to Auckland and bringing in some smaller members of staff at the company to help sell the premise…


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2 responses to “Has the world moved on?

  1. Oh, the Lego movie. I really want to see that but will have to wait for it to appear on telly as there’s no way I can go and see it at the cinema 😦

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