Super Thursday

Christmas Cakes by K.Suzuki

Phil: Today, apparently, is “Super Thursday”. It’s super because today is the day that the publishing world releases all the titles destined to appear in wrapping paper under Christmas trees across the nation. 200 hardbacks and 300 paperback are born today, three times the number normally released.

For those of us not included in this mass book birthing, it’s a bit of a sad day. We wonder what might have been.

Or do we ? To be successful in a crowd of books you need to stand out. Most writers released today will do this by being famous on the telly. If you want to read James Corden then you’re in luck. Personally I wouldn’t use him to prop up a wobbly table but that’s most because he’s a beneficiary of the BBC stunt casting policy (that’s where people are dropped into TV shows so their name can appear in the credits rather than because they fit the role, see also Kylie Minogue and Katherine Tate). I’m mean he’s probably a nice chap but if I was faced between chosing his book or one with a grinning Jamie Oliver looning out from the cover I’d run out of the shop screaming.

But I digress. I don’t want our book to appear on Super Thursday. I want the sequel to appear then. Kate vs The Dirtboffins is holiday reading I think (actually I think it is great literature and there will be university courses devoted to it but Terry Pratchet is in the queue ahead of us) just the thing to while away a few hours on the sunlounger with. I’m sure my colleague would agree with me if she wasn’t busy testing this theory as I write ! I wonder when the “Super” day for holiday books is ?

I suppose like everyone who has put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, I want my words to be treasured just as much as I treasure them. I dream of a day when people buy the book because they yearn to read it, not because it looks OK to give as a gift to Aunty Norris and that’s another one-off the list of things to buy. As the bumper sticker might say, “A Christmas Book is just for Christmas because you’ll have finished reading it by Boxing Day.”

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